Shed Your Layers

When life becomes to much of a burden to bare... Shed your layers baby, you ARE not alone!

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Coach, Mother, Mentor, FRIEND, and living proof that you can change your life around after pain. The Quirky Introvert a podcast where real stories are shared, raw conversations are had, and confidence is gleaned.

Join in now and shed a few layers of your own with each listen!

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The Quirky Introvert : The Podcast

Join us every week as we discuss life, love, growth, sex, meditation, and healing. If you have a side hustle, personal struggles, want to start a passion project, or just want to hear a great perspective, this is the podcast for you as here we discuss IT ALL!💗🔥

Cat has allowed me to acknowledge trauma that I have managed to suppress over the years and the courage and strength to tackle that trauma head on!

Jenge M.

Listening to her Podcast has strengthened me!

Ebony M.

Cat’s leadership and guidance has helped me in more ways that I can count. True leader, coach, mentor and overall genuine human being!

Stephen S.

I thought the idea of a Coach to help manage my life was ridiculous. Cathy truly changed my life and saved me from me!

Heather Roy

I don't leave reviews or testimonials . Cat’s coaching this past year allowed me to find my joy. Forever indebted!

Nazeera Amin