Toddler Tips







If you’re reading this article, you are likely to have or living with an adorable toddler who has these terrific ways of doing things, and let's face it some of those things are puzzling and challenging to say the least! Toddlers are simply trying to understand the world and how it all makes sense. We need to have strategic ways to make them feel better during this aggressive stage

Toddlers start to battle between their dependence on grown-ups and their craving for freedom. Their vocabularies are developing, they're anxious to get things done without anyone else, and they're starting to find that they're to take after specific rules. Most toddlers are unable to move as quickly they want to or clearly communicate what they need yet their minds are telling them otherwise. This can definitely prompt disappointment, mischief, and frustrations. In these situations attempt to remain calm, and anticipate the fact that you and your child will sporadically lose patience on occasions.

Together let's explore a few solutions to common toddler challenges:

- You have to start with love and not aggressiveness, this way you have just unlock the potential of getting your child make it through the difficult stage with confidence

- Balance in all things is a decent way to live by when raising toddlers. Regular meals, sleep,  and time for playing and relaxing keeps them from ending up excessively stressed.

-  They have an insatiable interest, which implies they get diverted easily with little distractions. Toddlers love to examine, contemplate, poke, prod, explore, and investigate. To limit the frustration for both of you, anticipate taking twice as much time as regular to achieve anything.

-  They often hear “No!” every day, and this can lead to frustration and negativity. To prevent this from occurring again, try to say “Yes” as often as possible. Make use of phrases, “Yes, when . . .“ and “Yes, if . . .“. This will definitely take off constant negativity. Let's assume your child wants to go play outside say “Yes when you potty first.” Apply this method in necessary situations.

There are ways you can make things go right with your toddler to make them feel happy and at peace. Remember patience and persistence and key. Remind yourself that this is only a phase!


Love and light